A Baker's Guide To Biscuit Week

A Baker's Guide To Biscuit Week

Dear Tala Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with a lot of sunshine.

As part of Tala’s biscuit themed week, I am helping you get into the week spirit with Tala’s Must-Haves for the week. There is nothing better than watching the Bake Off with a fresh batch of homemade biscuits that have the perfect snap. They are a treat for everyone and a good afternoon activity for children.


Every baker knows the first step to baking biscuits is a set of good cutters. They add the fun element to your recipe and can help you achieve all shapes, designs and sizes. They are the basis of your bake and come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to accommodate all biscuit recipes. 

Rolling Pins

The use of the rolling pin cannot be underestimated. They can be used for a number of tasks within the kitchen.  It is best to invest in a good rolling pin that can be used for generations. All Tala rolling pins would fit this category perfectly but look around and find the perfect fit for you. Look for a rolling pin that feels comfortable in the ball of your hand and that is a good weight. 

Plunger cutter

Tala stock a number of plunger cutters that are ideal for decorating your biscuits. They come in a variety of colours and once you have added icing to your biscuits, you can personalise them with a unique design that will make your bake even more special.

Cooling Racks

Cooling racks are a must in any kitchen. They can be used for cooling cakes and other baked products. As you start baking biscuits, you will quickly find that the cooling rack will fill up quickly with baked goods. For the reason, I recommend the three tiered cooling rack. This will allow you to bake as much as you want and still have plenty of room on your rack for a sneaky batch. 

Biscuit Barrel

Once you have prepared your delicious biscuits, you need to keep them safe and free from moisture. Tala biscuit barrels are the perfect size to accommodate a few batches of biscuits and can be used to transport anything from tray bakes to shortbread. The top closes the tin tightly but easily comes off when the tin is opened. 

Well these are the must-haves that I recommend. If you need a recipe to get your biscuit journey started, why not try these miniature stacked cookies? It is a good recipe to learn from and that you can add your own unique twist to. 


Ms Taylor

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