Back to University Essentials

Back to University Essentials
Are you university ready? Tick off your ‘what to take to uni’ checklist with our range of kitchenware! Here are our top picks of university essentials.
1. Tala Push & Push Fresh Boxes
Our Tala Push & Push Fresh Boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Keep your cupboards and fridge organised during university

2. Tala Pizza Tray
It’s easy to create the perfect crispy crust on pizzas using our generously sized, 14 inch non-stick Pizza Tray, thanks to its perforated base!
3. Tala Performance Funnel Chip Tray 
This tray has a perforated base for crispier chips. The funnel shape allows chips to slide straight onto the plate, which makes cooking easier and quicker during university.
4. Tala 24cm Dia Deep Colander
Try our Tala 24cm Dia Deep Colander! Perfect for draining or washing rice, pasta, fruit and vegetables.
5. Tala 7 Piece Kitchen Measuring Set
The Tala 7 Piece Kitchen Measuring Set is great for when you’re baking as you can measure the exact amount. You can also measure herbs and spices for everyday cooking.
6. Tala FSC® Set of 3 Beech Utensils
These wooden utensils are ideal to use with non-stick kitchenware to prevent scratches. They are great for everyday use. 
7. Tala FSC® Set of 3 Beech Spoons
Our selection of wooden tools will help complete a wide range of tasks around the kitchen and baking.
8. Tala Essential Baking Set
The Essentials Baking Set includes the 9" Springform Cake Tin, the 2lb Loaf Pan and the 25 x 38cm Medium Baking Tray, all the essentials you need to bake and roast to perfection.
9.  Tala Essentials Roasting Set
This handy Roasting Set includes everything you will need for a Sunday roast or for everyday cooking.
10.  Tala Can Opener
The Tala Can Opener is simple to use. It removes the whole can lid and can also be used as a bottle opener.
11. Tala Stainless Steel Pyramid Grater
The Tala Stainless Steel Pyramid grater has four sides. It is ideal for grating cheese, chocolate, cucumber as well as zesting lemons and oranges. The non-slip base provides a stable platform whilst grating.

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