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Tala have been producing kitchenware items from beechwood for nearly 100 years. This has been a growing sector, particularly since the launch of the Tala originals coloured ended kitchenware spoons and utensils, a firm favourite with many consumers. Tala  work with traditional  small manufacturers in the Subcarpatia region of Poland to manufacture these special products. 

e the sixteenth century the Subcarpatia region of Poland has been manufacturing in Beechwood; ever since they discovered this was the most suitable material for kitchen tools. The tradition of beechwood handcraft is the pride of the local communities that have always handcrafted their kitchen utensils and many are traditionally passed down by mothers to their daughters.

The durability of the wood has made it perfect for manufacturing different wooden utensils. It has proven to be the most hygenic and safe for use with non stick cookware. It is sturdy, versatile and lasts for generations.  Beechwood continues to be the most natural choice for corkery as it is from nature. All of our Tala beechwood is FSC. 

To manufacturer a spoon we use the local materials and only the most pure white and knotless wood. The wood must be seasoned and then dried.  This is such a traditional industry that this process is affected by the weather and we must allow extra time for the winter months. Then the manufacturer has to prepare the correct length for the products before using traditional machinery to cut the shape from the wood. Tala appreciate the work that goes into each piece of wooden utensil and aim to produce utensils that are sturdy and that will last the length of time. When you buy a Tala product, you can be sure you are buying quality. 

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