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Bonfire Hosting

Bonfire Hosting

Bonfire night

‘Remember also that the essence of hospitality is to make your guests feel comfortable….’

                                                         Caroline Taggart, Her Ladyship’s Guide to Running One’s Home, 2012

As the evenings are getting shorter and darker, the 5th November gives a welcome distraction from the change of the seasons. It starts off the hosting calendar for the second half of the year and gives a host the perfect opportunity to test run their hosting skills before the festive season starts.


It is key to send out your invitations in good time to allow your guests enough time to ‘répondez s'il vous plaît’ or RSVP.  Invitations can be as simple or as unique as you like, as long as they contain the necessary information to allow your guests to consider the invitation from an informed point of view. This would also be an ideal time to ask your guests to confirm their dietary requirements.

Bonfire parties involve either watching a firework display that is being hosted by a local council or hosting a display of your own. If you are lucky, you may be able to watch a display from your back garden and this would eliminate the need to transport all your guests. You can also take a picnic down to a local community site to safely watch a bonfire display.  Hosting your own firework display requires a courteous note into your neighbours' letter boxes (if they are not on the list of guests) to inform them that there will be an event at your residence. Do let them know the start time (and if you know this in advance) an end time. Your neighbours will appreciate the notification. Exercise caution with the use of fireworks and make sure all guests are wrapped up tight and pets kept a good distance from the fireworks.

If you are planning on taking your party into your back garden, make sure that the garden is in good shape and has been recently manicured. Be sure there is plenty of room to accommodate your guests with enough seats and glasses available for the evening.

Planning a menu

When planning a menu, it is key to have your food plan laid out in advance to make it easier to shop for ingredients and to make food preparation simpler. Prepare as much as possible in advance to make sure there is plenty of time to socialise with guests. Enjoying your own party is a crucial part of hosting and it should be seen as a time to enjoy the company of guests.

Tala products are designed to be good quality and will be of use when hosting a bonfire party. Skewers can be used to roast marshmallows and Tala will be providing a perfect smore recipe that the whole family will enjoy. Cake pops are the perfect bite size portion of cake that are ideal for those with a sweet tooth and for those who are watching their weight. Cocktail sticks can be used to service cheese canapes (do not forget to have plenty napkins available to guests) and as it will be a cold evening, some warm roasted nuts can be cracked open with a nut cracker. A warm drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic will be very welcome by all. Tala’s burger press gives you the opportunity to create uniquely flavoured hamburgers that guests will delight in and enjoy.  

For a dessert to end the evening, Tala’s chocolate orange steamed pudding recipe is simple to make and will leave everyone keen for a taste. For those who are keener on savoury flavours, a cheese board with fruit will satisfy all taste buds.  At parties, it is important that there is plenty to eat and drink and guests are allowed to feel comfortable in their surroundings. The answer to this would be plenty of preparation. Do not take on more than you can handle and remember to enjoy your bonfire party. 


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