Candy For Brains Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Candy For Brains Halloween Pumpkin Cake

As October flies by and the days are getting colder, Halloween can come as a good excuse to host an evening of fun and games for everyone. With half term being a time for the family, why not try your hand at this elaborate halloween cake that the whole family can enjoy decorating? Fill it with your favourite treats and sweets; share it with trick or treaters that come by. It is definately a cake for sharing but best of all, you can choose your own flavoured sponge. Enjoy this special tutorial and make a centrepiece that will amaze and delight. It is a tutorial by Juniper Cakery who are the best bakers for sweet delights of all manner and fashion. 


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'Candy for Brains Halloween Pumpkin Cake'

Halloween is a fantastic holiday for both kids and grown ups so why not celebrate the super spooky season with this fun cake! The best thing about this ‘Candy For Brains Halloween Pumpkin Cake’ is that it really is easier than it looks. By using a few simple techniques and excellent Tala cake decorating tools for this vibrant design you can easily take the stress out the party season.


Filled and stacked sphere cake baked in a hemisphere cake pan.  Choose your favourite sponge cake to use as the sponge will be covered in sugar paste and will taste delicious - no matter what flavours you use. 


White sugar paste

Orange sugar paste

Black sugar paste

Icing sugar to dust

Iced and trimmed Tala cake board

Lots of candy (swirly lollies and jelly beans are perfect for this cake)

Melted white chocolate


Tala palette knife

Tala turntable

Tala cake slicer and server

Tala blade icing/modeling tool

Tala cake smoother

Tala large silicone rolling pin

Tala veining icing/modeling tool

Tala reusable piping bag


Step 1:

Take your filled and stacked ball shaped cake and smother with buttercream for a crumb coat. Our top tip for a neater finish is to pipe the buttercream on with a reusable piping bag before smoothing it around the cake with a palette knife.


Step 2:

To add shape and detail to your pumpkin cake use a cake smoother to evenly roll out ‘ropes’ of white sugar paste on a clean surface. Cut any down to size with a blade icing/modelling tool before gently pressing onto the cake.

Step 3:

Take your black sugar paste and roll it out using a silicone rolling pin to a thickness of around 4mm. You can use your rolling pin to gauge how large your sugar paste should be rolled out. Hold it over your cake and take a mental note of how wide your cake is. Next hold it beside your cake to get a rough idea of the height. If the width and heigh span half way across your rolling pin you’ll know that rolling the sugar paste out to the full length of the rolling pin should cover your cake with no problems.


Step 4:

Cover your ball shaped cake with the black fondant and smooth down with your hands and with the cake smoother.


Step 5:

Repeat steps three to four with the orange coloured sugar paste.


Step 6:

You can transfer your cake to your iced and trimmed cake board at this stage if desired. Use your cake slicer/server and Tala palette knife to lift and transport the cake over.

Step 7:

Now you can begin adding your pumpkin’s fun details and face! Use a veining tool to add indented linear marks around your pumpkin which will help give your cake a more realistic pumpkin look.

Step 08:

To add the facial details mark out the expression with your veining tool before using a sharp knife to carefully cut away the orange sugar paste. Try to remember how thick your orange icing was so that you don’t cut too deep.


Top tip alert!

If you mess up at this stage and cut away the black sugar paste or bits of orange icing stick to the black you can easily fix your mishap with some black gel food colouring or black sprinkles applied to the entire surface of the eyes and mouth.

Step 9:

At this point you can add a little contouring to your pumpkin with some brown or deeper orange edible colouring dust. This is optional, however, as your pumpkin will still look fantastic without it.

Step 10:

Now for the candy! If you have swirly lollipops push these at slight angles into the top of your cake. It’s OK if the sticks pop out a little as you can hide these with mountains of candy! To secure each jelly bean, gummy bear or other candy onto the cake use a tiny amount of melted white chocolate on each piece.

Your cake is ready to be presented to the party and will be a delicious centrepiece. 

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