Easter Bunny & Daffodil Cake Tutorial

Easter Bunny & Daffodil Cake Tutorial

Easter is less than two weeks away and everyone is looking for the perfect cake decorating ideas. With Spring in the air, Juniper Cakery's cake decoration tutorial is a celebration of fresh flowers and the Easter Bunny. Have fun creating this special detail that everyone will enjoy.

Ingredients needed


-          Freshly baked cake (our cake is a 6” - perfect for around 10 guests)

-          Green sugar paste

-          White sugar paste

-          Pink sugar paste

-          Orange or yellow sugar paste

-          Grey modelling paste

-          Edible glue

-          Uncooked spaghetti sticks

-          Edible sugar pearls in black

-          Pink petal dust


Tools needed


-          Tala cake smoother

-          Ribbon

-          Small sharp knife

-          Medium rose petal cutter

-          Cocktail stick

-          Set of icing tools by Tala 

-          Flower foam pad

-          Foil

-          Food safe paint brush (a clean brush that has only been used with food)

-          24 gauge florist wire (optional)


Step 1:

The very first step to decorating your own cute little bunny daffodil cake is to cover the sides to look like the fresh stems of daffodil flowers. To do this shape ‘ropes’ of green sugar paste using a cake smoother to roll the paste back and forth. If you’re then attaching your pieces to an iced cake use a little edible glue to stick each to the side. For buttercream cakes there’s no need to reach for the edible glue, however, just lightly press into the buttercream surface of your cake.

Step 2:

Once the sides of your cake are completely covered you can then add a pretty bow around the cake to make it look just like a bundle of hand-tied flowers!

Step 3:

For the daffodil flowers you need to begin with whatever colour you’d like your centres to be. We used a golden yellow. Roll into small/medium balls before moulding into tapered teardrop-like shapes.

Step 4:

Take your small tapered ball of sugar paste and use your cone tool from the set of Tala icing tools and put it into the fatter end of the piece. Whilst working on a flower foam pad use your cone tool to then hollow out and shape the sugar paste into a slightly ruffled open daffodil centre before texturing the inside with a cocktail stick.

Step 5:

For the petals roll out some sugar paste and with your rose petal cutter cut out 6 petals per daffodil.

Step 6:

With the ball tool from your Tala icing tool set thin the edges. To do this run the largest ball tool along the edges of the petals half on the fondant and half on the flower foam pad.

Step 7:

With a little edible glue arrange and attach the 6 petals per daffodil together.

Step 8:

Now take your daffodil centre and attach to the middle of your 6 petals with some edible glue. Leave to set in a slightly cupped piece of foil so that the petals curl inwards and dry to a more natural shape.

Step 9:

To create your cute bunny take a ball of grey sugar paste a little larger than a golf ball and roll it around in your hands until it is crease or crack free. This will be the bunny’s head.

Step 10:

Take your Tala ball tool and indent two circles in the middle of the ball to make space for your bunny’s muzzle. Take two rolled up balls of white sugar paste and attach into the round indentations with a dab of edible glue. With a cocktail stick add tiny dots into the white muzzle to give the impression of whiskers.

Step 11:

You can also add some actual whiskers to your bunny with some pieces of snipped florist wire. Simply cut them to size (around 2cm in length) and push into your bunny behind the muzzle.

Step 12:

Add a tiny nose with a small triangular shape of pink sugar paste. To create this take a small ball of pink sugar paste and pinch three sides of it to form a rounded triangular shape. Attach with a little edible glue.

Step 13:

Use the medium ball tool from the Tala set to indent the eye sockets for your bunny. We shaped the outer corners with our fingers to create more of a tapered outside edge to each eye.

Step 14:

Take small amounts of white sugar paste and roll into two separate balls and then taper them into teardrop shapes before attaching into the eye sockets with edible glue. Gently flatten each white piece into the sockets before pressing a small black edible sugar bead into both.

Step 15:

To add a cute blushed look to your bunny rabbit build up soft circles of pink petal dust onto its cheeks. Remember to start small and add a little more colour each time until you’re happy. It’s always easier to add than to remove any colour.

Step 16:

Take two medium amounts of grey sugar paste and mould into ears before then adding a little of an indented shape down the middle of each (you can use the wider veining tool or medium ball tool from your set for this). We bent one of our bunny’s ears over for a slightly more playful look. Once ready carefully insert a piece of uncooked spaghetti (around 2 inches) halfway into each ear. Leave these to set for a few hours.

Step 17:

Now it’s time to arrange your daffodils and bunny around the top of your cake. First attach your bunny into place near the front centre of the cake. You can use edible glue, nestle it into a butter creamed cake or even use melted white chocolate to keep it in place. Once ready arrange your sugar daffodils around the bunny. Make sure that a row of daffodils are in front of your rabbit so that it looks like it’s cheekily peeking over them!

Step 18: 

Serve and enjoy the delicious results. 

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