Easy Peasy Buttercream Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Easy Peasy Buttercream Christmas Tree Cupcakes

To make these cute little cupcakes, you will need the Tala star tip decorating set (or a star tip nozzle and piping bag) some cupcakes and very soft buttercream icing - some left uncoloured and some coloured bright green. (Gel colouring will work best for this.)




Mini spatula

Star tip nozzle

Piping bag

Star plunger cutter

Mini rolling pin

Sugar shaker






Ready to roll icing (yellow)




1.      Use the mini spatula to spread some uncoloured buttercream over the top of each cupcake to make a nice level top. (If the cupcake is domed, cut off the domed part so that it is flat and then spread with buttercream.)

2.      Fit the piping bag with a star tip nozzle and fill the bag halfway with green buttercream. Pipe a ruffle in the centre of each cupcake, moving your wrist from side to side as shown, and pull upwards to create a Christmas tree style 'point'.

3.      Working quickly before the buttercream has a chance to crust over, shower each tree with sprinkles (work in batches of 5 or 6 at a time).

4.      On a work surface dusted with icing sugar, roll out yellow ready-to-roll icing and use the star plunger cutter to cut out stars. This can be done in advance to save time, if you wish (they will keep beautifully in a small air-tight food container).

5.      Decorate the top of the tree with a single star and enjoy throughout the festive period!

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