Product Spotlight: Enamelware Of The Future

Product Spotlight: Enamelware Of The Future

Welcome to another Tala Product Spotlight, where today we will be exploring our range of Enamelware, in order to provide you with more in-depth information, as well as some hints and tips for cooking and baking. Our Enamelware range now comes packaged in a beautiful box. This is excellent news, because whilst the quality product has not changed, the box is a delightful addition for your convenience. All of the enamel bakeware products are produced entirely in the UK and are made from heavyweight steel pressed into shape in Lancashire.

Each piece of Enamelware is triple fired, which makes it extremely durable and ensures that each product stands the test of time. The enamel finish is smooth to touch, good quality, unreactive (chemically resistant) and durable. It comes in a neutral blue colour so it will blend into most kitchens. It is very easy to clean, not easily scratched, and cannot burn. The enamel finish is non-stick and surprisingly light, so you can put it through its paces in the oven and on the hob. The Tala enamelware collection includes a baking dish, small roaster, medium roaster and a large roaster. A perfect set for roasting meat and vegetables, they make brilliant dishes to cook family favourites.

Tala is overjoyed with the results of the new enamelware range and cannot wait for you try it for yourself. It would also be an ideal gift for a loved one. Our lovely new website has a list of Tala retailers, so pop in your details and find out where is closest for you to pop in and experience our enamelware for yourself. We always love hearing what you think, so please write, tweet or post your photos and reviews onto Tala’s Facebook wall.

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