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Product Spotlight: Gingerbread People Cutters

Product Spotlight: Gingerbread People Cutters

Dear Tala Friends,

We have a lovely range of cookie cutters of all different shapes and sizes, and today we are holding a spotlight over our new sets of Gingerbread man and Gingerbread woman cookie cutters.

Our new set comes with a large cutter for the gingerbread body outline, and eight more cutters to add accessories and details from roll-out icing, such as a bow tie, a smile and sunglasses. You can also get creative; perhaps the smile is actually an eyebrow; or maybe an eyelid for a sleeping gingerbread person? The beauty of these mini cookie cutters is that, with a bit of imagination, they can be used to make a lot of different shapes and for multiple baking projects.

To use the cutters, use a trusted gingerbread recipe, such as our favourite gingerbread recipe here. First sprinkle your work surface with flour and roll out the dough to a thickness of about 3mm. Cut out your gingerbread people, as shown, and bake as per the instructions. 

Allow the gingerbread people to cool, and then get started on you accessories! Colour ready-to-roll icing by kneading it with the food colouring of your choice, and roll out as thinly as you can on a work surface dusted with sugar - a small Tala fondant rolling pin makes light work of this. Then, using the mini cutters cut out the shapes you want to use, and leave them for a short while to dry - you will find they are much easier to handle after a few minutes.

Brush the surface of your gingerbread person with cooled boiled water in the places that you want to attach your icing accessories. Then take the slightly drier cut out shapes of icing, and place them as needed. 

This cutter set can be used at home on a rainy afternoon to brighten up the day, or used as an excellent activity for a baking themed birthday party; children can take their own customised gingerbread person home with them as part of their party bag! Or, why not consider a 'decorate your own gingerbread person' stall at the next school fete or fundraiser?

Now, if you have any leftover dough, wrap it in cling-film and store it in the fridge and snack at your pleasure for the next couple of days. Enjoy! 


Ms Taylor


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