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Highland Stag Cake Tutorial

Highland Stag Cake Tutorial

Christmas is a special time for all the family and hosting is a big part of it. When you are serving your Christmas cake, everyone likes a showstopper and the wonderful Juniper Cakery have created a tutorial to make Christmas extra special. The Highland Stag Cake decoration tutorial is broken down into simple, easy to understand steps for everyone to try at home. So why not try something a little different this year and amaze everyone with your decorating skills? 

Materials needed

White iced cake (we opted for a two tier cake, however, depending on time and skill you can decorate a single tier just as well)

White sugar paste

Tala fondant rolling pin

Tala snowflake plunger cutters

Tala Christmas icing set 

Royal icing (optional)

Tala modelling tools (specifically the blade tool and veining tool)

Food safe paint brushes

Silhouette of a stag (we sketched ours out before then traced over it with a dark pen)

Gold edible paint

Tartan wired ribbon

Christmas baubles

Twist ties

Floral pick or cut drinking straw Scissors


Step 01: To begin adding the gold stag onto your cake make sure that your stencil is the perfect size for your tier. You then need to take a veining tool and carefully ‘trace’ around the print out with the cake underneath. This should indent the outline of your stag into the fondant or sugar paste icing on the cake

Step 02: With a thin food safe paint brush and gold edible paint mix carefully paint the outline of your stag before filling it in to create a luxurious gilded look. Make sure to not add too much paint or it will pool and begin to drip. 

Step 03: To begin the bauble decoration cut up around 3 lengths of wired tartan ribbon approx. 10cm in length before looping each over separately, bunching up the ends and securing with a tie twist.

Step 04: Arrange the loops in your floral pick or cut down drinking straw.

Step 05: Take each of your Christmas baubles and remove any hanging hooks or ribbon before threading each with a twist tie.

Step 06: Arrange these in your floral pick or cut drinking straw by sliding the twist ties in

Step 07: Now cut two mid to short length pieces of tartan wired ribbon, cut an end of each to a slant and bunch up the opposite ends with a twist tie.

Step 08: Carefully add to the top of your cake at the side. Arrange the ribbon and baubles until you’re happy with their look.

Step 09: Now roll out some white sugar paste to a thickness of around 4mm. With your snowflake plunger cutters cut out a series of different sized flakes

Step 10: Using a piping bag and small round nozzle from your Tala Christmas piping set and some royal icing attach each snowflake onto the bottom of your cake. The snowflakes should work their way up getting sparse as they reach the top of your tier.

It is a centrepiece that will wow and amaze, so why not try it at home and enjoy the results. 

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