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The Tala Guide to Restoring an Antique Product

The Tala Guide to Restoring an Antique Product

Dear Tala Friends,

We often get enquiries from the public, who have discovered or come across an antique Tala kitchenware or homeware product, and would like some help and information on how to restore it

Tala enamelled steel shoe caddies and Sanican bins are especially popular finds; take a look at this inspiring before and after image from Jay Tee in Australia, who was inspired to restore a Tala Sanican from the 1930s/40s era.

Sanican Before & After

I hope that you will find the following advice helpful, if you feel motivated to undertake a similar project,

How to restore an antique kitchenware product

If you have a Tala product with a steel and enamel or powder coated finish, with extensive damage, then it may be worth locating a specialist to sand blast the surface and then powder or enamel coat anew. Depending on the product's monetary and sentimental value, this is one option available to explore. There are quite a few companies that specialise in this across the UK, who usually serve auto and industrial businesses.

However, if you prefer a more DIY, upcycling approach, there are a lot of guides online about how to remove rust with normal household products, such as white vinegar, involving manual tasks such as soaking and scrubbing etc., or using dry sandpaper. There are additionally specialist products that you can buy in your local hardware store to tackle stubborn rust. Once the rust has been removed, I would recommend seeking the advice of a professional at your local hardware store, who can talk you through the best paint options. They will most probably recommend a primer, in order to prevent rust in the future, in addition to a new coat of paint.

And of course, if you would like to share your restoration pictures with us, we would be absolutely delighted to see them!

Share your restoration stories and comments here below, or alternately contact us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Ms Taylor

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