Tala's Guide To Icing Syringes

Tala's Guide To Icing Syringes

Using Tala decorating equipment, you will quickly find out how easy it is to work with and how much you are helped by it at every stage. Your Tala icing syringe is strong and light, made from tinplate, stainless steel and plastic. It comfortably fits the hand with finger and thumb loops for a firm grip when icing. It is made in the same design and this can be seen in the 'Decorating Cakes and Savouries with Tala' booklet printed in 1966 by the British Good Housekeeping Institute. 

The syringe lid is held securely in place with a safety bayonet catch. Inside the barrel snuggly fitting plunger and self –adjusting washer control the flow of the icing. The nozzles which screw to the end of the syringe can be changed easily and quickly, even during icing ; perfect for home bakers adding finising touches to their home baked cakes.

Our Tala icing syringes have been manufactured in England using the same machinery since the 1920s. An antique Tala nozzle still fits one of our syringes today as none of the production processes has changed. Every icing syringe involves 33 hand processes and is made by a small special team of skilled staff. 

At Tala we believe that good icing is worth a good cake and a good cake certainly deserves icing so decorate your cakes in retro baking style. Before you start cake decorating, here are a few tips to help you along your way.

Filling the Syringe

When using the syringe be careful not to fill it more than three – quarters full of icing, cream cheese, or whatever you are using. You will find the equipment much easier to hold and control when not completely filled. 

Using the syringe


Fill the syringe as explained above and fit the tube you desire (a star tube like No. 8 or 14 is the simplest to start with). Now place the thumb of your right hand into the ring at the end of the plunger and your index and third fingers into the other rings. A slight pressure with your thumb will be enough to start a flow of icing. Support the syringe body with your free hand while you practice piping. Make a note of the consistency of your icing.

Cake Decorating Ideas and Tips

Here are a few cake deocrating ideas, that may prove invaluable. When piping, straight lines, leaves and plain stars, the icing should be soft, so that it flows easily from the tube but keeps its shape. For stars, ribbons and shells, the icing should be firm so that it retains the clear outline of the tube when it is piped.For flowers, the icing should be very firm so that the petals will stand up.

Once you have perfected piping, vary positions and techniques to make sure that you are getting the best value out of your syringe. Take time to perfect your technique and enjoy learning new styles as baking is good fun for all.

Ms Taylor 

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