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In The Press : Cupcake Heaven

In The Press : Cupcake Heaven

Tala have such a rich heritage and history that it is a key part of who Tala are today. A lot of products that can be found in old catalogues are still the source of inspiration and every day,  Tala are getting better and better at understanding how to cater to modern needs with classic products and classic designs. The triple sifter is one of the unique products that are still sold today and that can be found in the current issue of Cupcake Heaven. 

Cupcake Heaven is a magazine that is full of recipes and advice for bakers of all skill sets. The magazine’s original recipes and photography place them in a class of their own. The recipes vary in technicality and their bakes are very impressive. 

Tala are very proud to have been mentioned in this special magazine and will definitely be grabbing our copy of the publication. 

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