Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Valentine's Day is always a wonderful time to bake something special for a loved one. Tala have joined with Juniper Cakery to create this fondant tutorial that will explore how to create edible cake toppers. Recreate this recipe for a loved one or use your new found skills to create something new; have fun with fondant and enjoy sugar paste modelling. 

Materials and tools needed

Cream Modelling Paste

Brown Modelling Paste

Pink Modelling Paste

Pink Sugar Paste

Ready Made Cupcake

24 Gauge White Floristry Wire 1/4 dipped into melted white chocolate

Black Edible Sugar Pearls Or Beads

Pink Edible Blossom Dust

Melted White Chocolate

Edible Glue 

Food Safe Paint Brushes 

Tala Icing Modelling Tools 

Tala Fondant Rolling Pin

Tala Small Piping Nozzle 

Uncooked Spaghetti Stick 

Confectioner's Glaze

Tala Circle Pastry Cutter Set 


Step 01:

If you love the look of our flat iced sugar paste cupcake it’s pretty easy to do.Flat ice your cupcake by smothering a little buttercream on top to lessen any lumps and bumps. Roll out pink sugar paste and use a Tala circle pastry cutter to cut out a circle a little larger than the top circumference of  your cupcake! We used the 3 7/16” sized circle which should be a good size for any standard cupcake. Lay this on top and smooth down gently.

Step 02:

Begin making your love puppy’s cute little balloon by rolling out some pink modelling paste into a smooth oblong shape. Carefully begin to fold and pinch it into a U shape then a V shape before then moulding into a medium sized heart.

Step 03:

Take a tiny amount of pink modelling paste and roll into a ball. Flatten slightly and attach to the base of your heart shaped ‘balloon’ with a dab of edible glue. Don’t apply too much of the glue or you’ll be left with a bit of a sloppy surface.

Step 04:

Take your florist wire (make sure to cut this down so that it can sit into the cupcake and still sit above the puppy’s head) and dip a little of the end into the edible glue. Insert around 3/4 of the way up through the middle bottom of the heart and leave to set before handling!

Step 05:

Begin your adorable little Valentine’s puppy by creating two shapes out of your cream modelling paste. One shape should be a small-medium rounded triangle; this is going to be your puppy’s body. The other should be a ball slightly larger than the body which will become the head.

Step 06:

Attach the body and head together with a small piece of uncooked spaghetti and some edible glue before then fixing it on top of your flat iced cupcake with a little more edible glue. Hold in place until set. For buttercream topped cupcakes or even cakes we recommend finishing your puppy before adding.

Step 07:

For your puppy’s muzzle roll out a small ball of cream modelling paste and then shape slightly into a lightly flattened oval shape. Attach with a little edible glue to the centre front area of the head. We placed our puppy’s muzzle ever so slightly higher to give it a bit more expression.

Step 08:

Using the smaller sized end of your ball modelling tool indent two circles where you’d like your puppy’s eyes to be. Add a small dab of edible glue inside and then carefully add your black edible sugar pearls!

Step 09:

One of the best parts of making sweet characters is when their faces begin to take shape! To add a nose take a tiny amount of brown modelling paste rolled into a ball. Pinch one end and add on top of the muzzle with some edible glue. You can easily shape it into a subtle heart by indenting the top lightly with a veining tool!

Step 10:

Using the base of a small piping tip add a little smile onto your puppy’s muzzle.

Step 11:

To make some floppy puppy ears roll out two small pieces of brown modelling paste into rope or oblong type shapes before flattening. Attach to the top sides of the head with a little edible glue.

Step 12:

For the legs and arms roll and mould 4 small pieces of cream modelling paste into teardrop-like shapes. Attach two to the bottom sides of your puppy’s body for the legs. You can leave these or indent them with tiny Tala plunger cutters, add sprinkles or leave plane.

Step 13:

Attach the arms to the top sides of the body just underneath the head with edible glue. Make sure to position one arm slightly outwards for the balloon to be held up.

Step 14:

Paint edible confectioner’s glaze onto your heart shaped balloon and leave to dry. Don’t worry…this shouldn’t take too long.

Step 15:

Take your balloon and insert it chocolate dipped sized down into your cupcake. Make sure the wire sits behind your puppy’s outstretched arm.

Step 16:

Carefully add a small dot of white chocolate to the back where your puppy’s arm and the wire of the balloon meet. Hold in place until dry.

Step 17:

Using a small amount of edible pink blossom dust add some blush to your puppy’s cheeks. Build up colour and start with a light amount. It’s so much easier to add than to remove too much colour.

Serve and enjoy the delicious results. 

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