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Trade Press: September 2015 Housewares

Trade Press: September 2015 Housewares

The September Issue of Housewares Magazine is not to be missed! Tala have two featured products under The 'Hot List' and 'Housewares as Gifts' 

The 'Hot List' features new products and showcases what is new on the market. Tala Utility's Pinny Apron was featured in this exciting category. 


Tala are very proud of the Pinny. It has four large pockets that are suitable for storing cleaning tools, bottles, sprays and accessories making it easier to do work around the home.


Cloths and towels can also be neatly tuckedinto the metal loops to free hands when multitasking around the home. It is made from 100% quality cotton  and has been designed for both function and great style. In the 'Housewares as gifts' section, Tala featured a very special product. 


This is a product that is iconic and has been given a modern touch. It is ideal for serving cake, pies or baked goods to guests. Its flexible blade can get into hard to reach corners and is flexible in its movement.


Tala are proud of every product that is produced under its name and celebrate every single one of them.                                    

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