Sourdough September

Sourdough September

10 Essential Tools from Tala for Making Sourdough Bread at Home


This month is Sourdough September, organised by the lovely people at the Real Bread Campaign.

Their aim is simple, to encourage more people to buy or make their own genuine sourdough bread at home. It is not only one of the tastiest bread you can possibly bake but also one of the trickiest and therefore a great challenge for a home baker!

This month, we want you to master the craft of sourdough in the comfort of your own kitchen. To get you started, we’ve sifted through our essential bread-making tools and accessories and put together our top 10!


Tala ‘Originals’ 30 cm Red Mixing Bowl

A good mixing bowl is an essential for every baker - this classic stoneware mixing bowl is hard-wearing, easy-to-clean and will literally last for a lifetime due, to its high quality traditional production methods. Its beautiful classic design will also bring a touch of traditional charm to your kitchen.

Tala Dry Cook’s Measure

Accurately measuring your ingredients for making bread is a no brainer - Simply pour ingredients up to the desired level into the Tala Dry Cook’s Measure for speed and accuracy without the need for getting your scales out. 


Tala Originals 30cm coloured end spoon

Every bread baker needs a quality wooden spoon in their kitchen. This Beechwood smooth wooden spoon will not scratch non-stick surfaces. It features a trendy coloured end and solidhandle for a comfortable grip.


Tala Originals 1960s Flour Sifter

With a handy trigger action, the 1960's flour sifter ensures that flour is turned into a soft and light flour with an even consistency. Also ideal for sifting flour onto worktops. 


Tala Originals Plain Flour Storage Tin

The bold, nostalgic 1950's Tala colours on this plain flour storage tin are not only beautiful for display but are also clearly identifiable in the cupboard when in the midst of bread baking!


Tala Silicone bowl scraper

This bowl scraper is the perfect tool for every aspiring bread baker, assisting you when lifting, dividing and transferring the dough. It also makes an effective tool for cleaning up flour or leftover dough from your kitchen worktop.


Tala Performance Non-Stick 2lb Loaf Tin

An essential for baking everything from Sourdough bread to traditional loaves for the family. From the Tala Performance range, the best non-stick bakeware you can buy, this Loaf Pan is made from robust commercial weight steel and features a superior dual non-stick coating, allowing your creations to heat evenly and be effortlessly released.


Tala Set 40 Siliconised Greaseproof Loaf Tin Liners 2lb

Using a greaseproof loafliner is the perfect way of reducing time, hassle and mess when making a 2lb loaf of Sourdough Bread.


Tala Oven Thermometer

Precise oven temperatures can make or break breads. Made from stainless steel, this oven thermometer reads accurately in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit for a practical way to monitor food temperature.


Tala Non-Stick Cake Cooling Tray

Ideally sourdough is best eaten after sat for a day, because the flavour will continue to develop. Try this Tala Non-Stick Cooling Tray, which is designed with an elevated wire mesh for even cooling, and a non-stick surface which makes it easy to gently lift your sourdough.



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