Spring-tastic doughnut feature

Spring-tastic doughnut feature
Beautifully baked Spring & Summer inspired doughnuts
The doughnut. That delectably divine, naughty but nice sweet favourite. Originally thought to have been invented by an American, historians recently discovered the earliest recipe written by the wife of a society doctor in Hertford in 1800! Back then they were deep-fried in 'hogs-lard' before being covered in sugar and left by the fire to rise. The recipe has certainly come a long way since then, with seemingly never ending combinations from iced to glazed, it’s the sugary hit we all love.
And the latest trend? The baked doughnut! A slightly healthier option to fried (as well as being quicker and easier to make), our very own cake master, Hannah Wiltshire has developed a bespoke baked doughnut recipe, using our uniquely developed Tala Performance 12 cup mini muffin doughnut pan But as much as we love Hannah’s version, we also love seeing what other flavour and design combinations it inspires. So we challenged a selection of bloggers to create their own fresh and floral spring and summer doughnut flavours and designs, tailoring the Tala recipe..

Lemon and Lavender
First up is a fresh and fragrant lemon and lavender baked doughnut recipe from Elizabeth’s Kitchen. This yeast-free recipe, combines lemon zest, lemon extract and lavender flowers to make delicious, fluffy, moist and perfectly baked doughnuts. Featuring a fragrant lavender icing sugar glaze with homemade lavender sugar ground to a fine powder and tinted purple. Our verdict? Delicious!

Red velvet (vegan and gluten free!)

Next is a vegan and gluten free red velvet baked doughnut from Clean Lean Bakes made from just seven key ingredients that are ready in less than 15 minutes. These vibrant doughnuts get their bright red colour from antioxidant-rich beetroot powder as well as blended cooked beetroot. Topped with a traditional icing sugar frosting with sprinkles or with the option to use a blended cashew nut or vegan cream cheese frosting. Nutritious and delicious.

Strawberry lemon (gluten free!)
And finally is a Strawberry-Lemon gluten-free baked doughnut from the Petite Cook: the perfect treat to satisfy your desert cravings without feeling guilty. Refreshing, aromatic, and slightly tart. Topped with either a bright magenta glaze with crushed freeze-dried strawberries, or a citrus white glaze with lemon zest, these two ingredients are the perfect combination.
With something for every sweet tooth in this mix, we love these summer flavour combinations and hope you do too! Now you’ve read our baked doughnut recipes, why not try your own combinations? 

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