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Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Preserving season is nearly upon us and now is the time to start thinking about what variety of jams would be best to make festive season gifts.  For any first timers, here is a recipe that will get you started and remember you can make jam with fruit that you have in the garden.  It is the perfect way to keep fruit delicious and perfect for adding to cakes for a surprise flavour that everyone will enjoy. 

This makes 1.5kg of jam(about 4-5 x 340g jars).

It will take 20 minutes to prepare and between 15-20 minutes is required for cooking time.



  • 1.3 kg of strawberries, washed, hulled and left whole
  • 1 kg of jam sugar (with added pectin)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Knob of butter 


Wash four or five jars in hot soapy water; rinse and dry.  Place the jars in the oven and heat to 170°C( gas mark 3). Once the oven is heated, they will require ten minutes to sterilise. Turn the oven off, leaving the jars inside to keep them warm. Alternatively please use sterilising tablets and warm water.

Place the sugar, strawberries and lemon juice in a large, wide pan. Clip the jam thermometer to the inside of the pan to monitor the jam’s temperature as it increases. Heat gently, stirring occasionally until the sugar has dissolved. Stir in the butter and bring to the boil. Boil rapidly for 5-6 minutes until the setting point is reached (105°C – marked on the jam thermometer). 

Remove from the heat and skim off any scum from the surface using a slotted metal spoon. Leave the mixture to cool for 30 minutes. 

Stir the jam, and then pour into the warm jars using the funnel. Place a wax disc over the jam in each jar. When cool, top with a damped cellophane disc and secure with an elastic band. Wipe the jars with a warm cloth, label and date. Then store for up to six months in a cool dry place. 

Cook’s tips

  • Choose slightly under-ripe fruit if possible, as it contains more pectin which helps to set the jam.
  • When washing strawberries, remove the stalks and hulls afterwards to prevent water entering the fruit. 

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