The Tala Performance Bakeware Guide

The Tala Performance Bakeware Guide

Coated with superior dual layer, non-stick Whitford Eclipse finish, which is safe and durable for use even with metal utensils, Tala Performance Bakeware is the best technologically advanced range that every kitchen needs. Every piece is oven safe up to 240°C and additionally freezer safe. 

Every cake tin and baking tray is reinforced with a unique system that has been engineered to outlast any other bakeware coatings available on the market today. This means you can expect to be using your equipment well into the next decade. The bakeware is produced from a 1mm thick steel material that is ideal for even heat distribution and ensures that every surface of your bake is heated through and baked as intended.

For the ultimate baking professional experience, we recommend that you choose Tala Performance Bakeware

Manufactured with bakers in mind, every piece is finished to the highest quality. Tala is a brand leader in bakeware and has a rich heritage in creating superior performance baking tools and accessories. Buying Tala Performance Bakeware for your home ensures that you are investing in a durable, worthwhile piece of kitchenware, which uses the latest in technological advances to guarantee you an excellent result in the kitchen whilst creating homemade cakes, bakes and roasts. Ideal for both beginners and professionals.

All Tala Performance Bakeware pieces come with a fantastic 10 Year Guarantee. 

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