Tala’s Baked Alaska Recipe

Tala’s Baked Alaska Recipe


Baked Alaska is a classic ice cream bombe coated in meringue and then baked in a very hot oven. The dessert is made from a thick layer meringue that provides an insulating blanket, so that the ice cream remains coolly untroubled by the scorching heat of the oven. I would like to share with you the perfect recipe for Baked Alaska. Use this ice cream recipe and adapt the flavours if you wish. I have opted for my favourite mango and raspberry flavours. The ice cream calls for 6 egg yolks for each flavour. Set aside just four egg whites for the meringues and use my meringue recipe.  You can bake the dessert in a very hot oven or if you have a Tala kitchen blow torch, consider placing the bombe on your serving plate or cake stand, then cover with meringue and brown your dessert.

I suggest using the Tala Meringue set that comes with two different nozzles, a piping bag and a recipe book. You will see that I have chosen the round open nozzle, but do choose whichever nozzle you like and experiment with different styles.

The meringue shields the ice cream so effectively, that the ice-cream can still be quite hard when it comes to serving. Try placing a sharp knife in hot water before cutting the dessert and make sure you wipe the knife after each cut to get nice clean slices!

Preparation time: 45 minutes plus freezing time

Freezing time: 3 hours or over night

Baking time: 5 minutes




Tala Originals 1-litre mixing bowl x 2

Tala Palette knife

Tala silicone headed spatula

Tala cake tester

15cm cake tin

Tala meringue set

Tala Performance baking tray

Tala kitchen blow torch


1 quantity raspberry ice cream

1 quantity mango ice cream

1 quantity meringue

1 free-range egg

50g softened butter

50g self-raising flour

50g caster sugar

  • Remove the tubs of ice cream from the freezer and allow to thaw slightly (just fifteen minutes will do). While the ice creams are softening, line the glass mixing bowl with cling film.

  • Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celcius (302 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Scoop the mango ice cream into the bowl, packing it down carefully so that there are no air bubbles and layer the raspberry ice cream on top before returning it to the freezer. 

  • In another mixing bowl, cream the softened butter with the sugar, then carefully mix in the egg, fold in the flour and transfer into a 15cm-diameter cake tin. Bake the cake for 20 minutes or until a cake tester poked into the centre of the cake appears clean when removed. Allow the cake to cool, and then level the cake with a cake leveller (to remove the domed part of the cake).
  • Press the cake onto the ice cream, the surface should now be level with the top of the bowl and return once more to the freezer for a couple of hours at least so that the bombe can firm up. 

  • Whip up the meringue then remove the bombe from the freezer. Use a flexible palette knife to ease the bombe from the bowl, carefully peel off the cling film and place it onto a Tala Performance baking tray. If you are using a Tala blow torch, place it onto the cake stand or plate that you plan to serve it on.

  • Set the oven to 210 degrees Celsius (410 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Using the palette knife, spread a layer of meringue all over the surface of the bombe. 

  • Fit the piping bag of the Tala Meringue set with the nozzle you want to use and half fill the piping bag with meringue. Then, working quickly, pipe small peaks all over the surface of the dome. 

If you are worried about piping, why not use all six egg whites to make extra meringue so you can have a good practice before you get started?

  • Place in the oven and set the timer for 5 minutes. 

  • When the bombe is golden brown and the tips of the peaks a slightly darker brown, it is ready. Remove from the oven, transfer to a cake stand. Alternatively, following the instructions on the Tala kitchen blow torch, ignite the flame and play over the surface of the bombe until it is golden brown and the tips of the peaks a slightly darker brown and serve straight away.

  • Serve and enjoy the delicious results. 

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