The Bakers Guide To The Great British Bake Off

The Bakers Guide To The Great British Bake Off

Dear Tala Friends,

Tonight is the return of the Great British Bake Off, the show that has captured every bakers heart. The loveable Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will be back as judges and now is the time that everyone gets their baking kit ready for those delicious technical challenges that are published on the BBC website the next day. 

I am a great fan of the show and know that everyone will be getting ready to bake a lot of cake over the next few days. I have compiled a list of must-have equipment that will be ideal for all those baking experiments. 

1)      Bowl and Sifter

For those delicious cake sponges you need to make sure that you have a good bowl and for that, I recommend the traditional stoneware mixing bowl. The bowl is made in a traditional design and will make mixing ingredients a treat. The flour sifter is another iconic Tala product that is still perfect for sifting and segregating fine powder. It is a must for any baking and I highly recommend getting yourself one. 

1)      Cooks Measure

For measuring out your ingredients, look no further than the beautiful Cooks Measure. The most iconic measuring product come in various colours and comes with different recipes so you can not only bake but cook amazing dishes for your loved one. 

1)      Icing Turntable

The smooth revolving turntable makes cake decorating easy.  The turntable turns at a touch so you can be sure that your cake edges will be smooth to touch and ready for your show stopping decorations.

2)      Flat edge Cake Smoother

For those bakers that enjoy working with fondant or have a keen interest in sugar craft look no further than the flat edge cake smoother for your cake decoration needs. The flat smoother slides along the edges of your cake as you turn your cake around with the turntable. The result is the smoothest and most consistent finish to your cake surface. It has the most comfortable handle to make sure that your hand is comfortable as you smooth on your fondant. 

1)      Performance Bakeware

The best results come from using the best products and having the best recipes. I am sure that you are ready with the perfect recipe but the new Tala Performance Bakeware is just what your kitchen needs.              The dual coated bakeware is made with 1mm steel for an even bake ensuring you have no soggy bottoms. It is the closest you will get to using professional products in a domestic setting. The bakeware range has everything from bun tins to cake tins and it is the perfect gift for a budding baker.

2)      Mixing spoons

From the traditional baker who likes beating their cake mixture themselves to the modern baker who has the electric mixer, you must have reliable spoons to scoop mixture into cake tins. For this I recommend the set of 3 wooden spoons that come with colour coded handles. They are the perfect thing for beating together buttercream but will also help in other areas of cooking and baking. These are a must for any kitchen.

3)      Icing Syringe Set

Every well-made cake deserves the very best in icing and the icing syringe set is designed to do just that. Still made today in England, the icing set will transform any cakes to the ultimate sweet treat. For mastering those difficult icing treat, the icing syringe comes with a booklet that features all things cake and is the perfect gift to a budding baker. 

         8) Flexible cake server

Once your delicious cakes have been baked, do not be left without a cake server to serve your guests. The amazing flexible cake server is so versatile that it can bend into those hard to reach corners and will ensure that everyone gets an even and perfect slice of your mouth-watering cakes.

So treat yourself. Look at the list of stockists and find a local store near you where you can get your hands on these must have products.


Ms Taylor

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