The Elliott Guide to Brushware

The Elliott Guide to Brushware

A broom is an absolute household essential for every home and garden, and here at Elliott we have an extensive range of  brushware  to suit your every sweeping need.

It is important to choose the right type of broom or brush for the job at hand, so that you are best equipped to clean your home and surroundings to high standards with ease.

As a rule, choose medium to long length soft fibres to sweep indoors on smooth flooring, and medium to long length stiff fibres outdoors and for more uneven flooring. If you want to wash or scrub, choose a brush with shorter stiff fibres, and download our PDF guide to help you decide which type of fibres is going to serve you best in the long run.

Click to download our full Elliott Guide to Brushware as a PDF

Don’t forget to look after your brooms by hanging them up, or storing them with the fibres off the floor, so that they do not get bent or damaged over time. For many fibre types you can also give them a good wash and comb at infrequent intervals, to keep them clean and fresh.

A fun idea for corn brooms at this time of year is of course to use it as a prop during your Halloween celebrations! For small children, we have a smaller sized corn brush which would do a great job as well.

If you have any questions about brushes and how to care for them, leave a comment below or on our social media pages and we will be happy to get back to you!

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