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The Elliott Guide to why Cleaning is Good for You!

The Elliott Guide to why Cleaning is Good for You!

Everybody loves a fresh, sparkling clean home, and here at Elliott we are here to help you with that little extra bit of motivation to get you in the mood for a summer clean this weekend!


We have compiled a special Elliott guide for you, listing the expected and the unexpected benefits that come from having a good clean up.  


  • Cleaning is a brilliant source of exercise – think of all the moving around and effort that you put into vacuuming, scrubbing the floors and hanging out the washing


  • Having clean and tidy surroundings has been proven to help you to feel clearer headed and more organised


  • Cleaning is definitely a fantastic outlet for getting rid of any built-up frustration or anger, so if you’ve had a tough day, use a tough scourer to scrub all of your worries away whilst you wash up!


  • A clean house is an inviting environment for visiting friends and family, and you are more likely to be sociable and feel proud if your place is welcoming


  • Scientists have discovered that you feel happier after a good clean – this is both due to the exercise element which releases endorphins, and the fact that you get to enjoy the results of your hard cleaning efforts  afterwards


  • Then of course there is the obvious benefit of a clean environment – less germs and better hygiene!


  • And finally, a good clean is an excellent excuse for putting on a great playlist, turning up the volume, and combining dancing, singing and cleaning around the house! 

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