The Great Boohoo Bake Off

The Great Boohoo Bake Off

Dear Tala Friends, 

There is much excitement around the 'Great British Bake Off' and rightly so, I am very excited as well. I suspect their first episode will have a lot of viewers glued to the television screen. Tala like to support local and national initiatives to get everyone baking and are happy to announce that Tala is an official sponsor of's 'Great Boohoo Bake Off.' 

Bloggers all around the country are baking away and creating unique bakes all in the name of the Bake Off. Tala feel very strongly about educating young generations about cooking and baking so everyone can make better meal decisions. For this reason, I applaud all the bloggers and will share their baking videos from time to time. The first is the fabolous Rai, who is making a vanilla sponge cake with classic buttercream. 

It is all very exciting so keep checking for more updates and news.


Ms Taylor

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