The Tala Guide to Ceramic Baking Beans

The Tala Guide to Ceramic Baking Beans

Tired of soggy bottoms? Fed up with shrinking pastry?

You are missing one key step in your baking: the secret to a perfect pastry base is of course blind baking with a set of ceramic baking beans. 

baking beans in jar

Once you have prepared your pie dish with the pastry, line the pastry with baking paper and proceed to add the baking beans, to weigh the pastry down.


Blind bake in the oven and remove once cooked. Carefully remove the baking beans from the pastry – they will be hot, so do not return them to their storage container until they have fully cooled.


You will find that your pastry is crispier, lighter and more even when you use baking beans. The pastry will also not shrink as it is weighed down and held in place by the beans during the blind bake.


Once you have removed the baking beans and baking paper from your pastry, add in the filling and any topping, remembering to use a pie bird as needed. You can then continue to finish your dish, confident in the fact that your base will be crisp and well baked, holding its size and shape perfectly.


Tala’s ceramic baking beans are suitable for domestic oven use, up to 240 degrees Centigrade. 

finished pie!

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