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The Tala Guide to the Ceramic Pie Bird

The Tala Guide to the Ceramic Pie Bird

When you next want to make a delicious homemade pie, ensure that you bake it using a traditional ceramic Tala pie bird, for a proper British pie that even a professional baker would envy!


A simple and traditional kitchen tool, simply pop it into the centre of your pastry pie base, then add the filling, before carefully constructing your pastry roof around it. Pinch the pastry around the bird’s shoulders for maximum effect. 

pie bird with pastry in place

Its classic design provides a vent for steam to escape through, preventing the filling from boiling up and leaking into the top layer of pastry, thereby preventing the pastry lid from sagging and also cracking. It helps to keep your pie moist on the inside, ensuring that the juices stay where they are supposed to!

finished pie

The Tala ceramic pie bird is both oven safe and dishwasher safe. You can use it again and again for show-stopping homemade pie designs.

pie bird collage 1

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