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Product Spotlight: The Tala Dry Cook's Measure

Product Spotlight: The Tala Dry Cook's Measure

Please give a very big welcome to.... The Tala Cooks' Dry Measure.

Cooks Measures Range

This clever little tool provides an amazingly quick and easy way of measuring ingredients. Cleverly calibrated on the inside with scales for a variety of different foodstuffs and measurements, simply choose the scale that most closely matches your ingredient and pour it in to the desired level. The Measure is calibrated in both metric and imperial, making it easy to follow favourite old cookery books, and recipes passed down through generations. The top is nice and narrow, which makes it much easier to pour than from a standard weighing scales bowl. The Measure is easy to look after; all it needs is a quick wash in warm soapy water. It takes up next to no space in the kitchen and comes in a variety of pretty colours.


In fact, this little tool is so versatile, that it can be used for nearly every mealtime. Measure out rolled oats and milk for a quick and healthy porridge breakfast. Use it to measure stock and barley for a fortifying lunchtime vegetable soup. Whip up a Chicken Korma for supper, measuring ground almonds and desiccated coconut with the Cooks' Measure, and use it again to prepare precisely enough rice for your guests. 

 Cooks measures porridge

Furthermore, when you purchase this product you can be proud that you are supporting Great British Manufacturing. This iconic kitchen tool from Tala has been made by hand in Liverpool, England in the same factory and on the same machinery since the 1920s. It involves over 20 hand processes carried out by a small team of skilled people. 

We are also proud to share with you, that our treasured Cook's Measure won The Icon Award at the 2013 Excellence in Housewares Awards. You can learn more about the heritage of our British made measures by watching our short Tala Dry Cook's Measure Video

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