12 Essentials for University

12 Essentials for University

12 Essentials for University

When students first arrive at university, it can be very easy to slip into the habit of continually reaching for the takeaway menu and eating out with your friends and course mates. However first time students will quickly realise this is not so kind on your wallet and you’ll start to miss those go-to home cooked meals (maybe not at first, but takeaways will get boring eventually!).

Investing in a few kitchen and home essentials at the start of the year will set you up for university life and you’ll be sure to find yourself transporting them into your second and third year accommodation.

Whether you are moving into a flat or house share or sharing a communal kitchen in halls, here's a handy list of kitchen and home essentials for rustling up those those late night pasta dinners and all the meals in between. We’ve rounded up some obvious items, like a can opener for those tins of beans you’ll go through (you can’t go wrong with the classic beans on toast or a jacket potato), plus a few items that you might not think that you'll really need but will definitely be of use as you get into the swing of university life.


Tala Beechwood Chopping Board

These Tala Originals Chopping Boards have a hanging hook for easy storage and their gorgeous appearance means they can double up as serving platters for when friends are round.


Tala Dry Cook’s Measure

Chances are that your new kitchen will be on the smaller side, so save space and leave the kitchen scales at the family home. Simply pour ingredients up to the desired level into the iconic Tala Dry Cook’s Measure, which has been manufactured in England since the 1920s.


Chef Aid Colander

This hardwearing and durable colander is a must-have student kitchen essential. With a handle and finger grip, this Chef Aid Colander is easy to use and the perfect tool for draining pasta, rice or veg.


Chef Aid Can Opener

A sturdy can opener is an absolute must-have tool in any kitchen. Brighten up a dreary kitchen with this neon Chef Aid Can opener which features an easy turn knob and comfy handles.



Chef Aid 4 Storage containers

Sticking to a student budget can be tough, so plan ahead by bringing sandwiches into university or storing last night’s dinner for today’s lunch with these handy set of 4 food storage containers.


Chef Aid 14cm Non-Stick Milk Pan

University staple meals usually take the form of pastas, soups, curries and for some – packet noodles! This pan is all you need to do the job, and is completely non-stick, making it easy to clean.


Pizza Tray

After a day of studying sometimes a pizza is all that will suffice. This Pizza Tray is from the new range of Tala ‘Everyday’ non-stick bakeware and is designed with perforated holes, so that the heat can come through the base of the pizza, creating that perfect baked base.


Chef Aid Pizza Cutter

Get serious about relaxing pizza nights and match your pizza tray with this Chef Aid Pizza Cutter.


Essentials Roasting Set

Also from the Everyday range is the Essentials Roasting Set. Included in the set is the Small Roaster, Large Roaster and the Medium Baking Tray, making Sunday lunch preparation with your housemates a breeze!


Chef Aid 20 Shot Glasses

Inevitably, students are not just going to spend all of their days studying and must make time for a bit of partying! These set of 20 shot glasses are reusable and come in a range of four fun and bright colours.


Chef Aid Foldable Laundry Bag

You will most likely be lacking space in your new accommodation. This foldable Laundry basket is a convenient and practical way to do the laundry.


Elliott Sorbo Spherical Dish Brush

You’ll be sure to keep your housemates happy if you do your bit with keeping the kitchen clean and tidy! These Dish Brushes high quality, making them super long-lasting. They also come in a variety of 4 fun colours and are complete with a suction base, Ideal for cleaning glasses and cups.

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