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Ultimate Autumn Cleaning Checklist

Ultimate Autumn Cleaning Checklist

Autumn is well and truly here! October has finally arrived and the festive season is just around the corner. Make sure you get your home ready for the colder months with our top cleaning tips.

True to the number one principle of effective cleaning and housekeeping, always clean your house top to bottom. So let's start at the top and work our way down... 


1)      Test smoke detectors, change batteries as needed. This is commonly forgotten in a lot of homes, especially during the autumn cleaning routine; it is always good practice to make sure that yourself and loved ones are kept safe this winter

2)      Dust and clean light bulbs & fittings, using a feather duster or lamb’s wool duster and afterwards wiping clean with a damp microfibre cloth.

Clean with microfibe

3)      Get into hard to reach corners with a specialist cobweb duster. While noone is looking, it is ideal to move furniture around (if you are able) to make sure you give everything a good clean. Once the festive season begins, it is near impossible to find a quiet moment to get into those hidden corners!

4)      If you have been using any fans during the warmer months, ensure you clean the blades with a damp microfibre cloth and pack it securely away as you will not be needing it for a while

5)      Do you need to launder your curtains? If so, check the care instructions, wash, line dry and iron as needed

6)      As it is nearly time to turn the heating back on, use a specialist radiator brush to clean between the gaps in your radiator, for more efficient heating

Elliott Radiator Brush

7)      Freshly wash and pack away your summer wardrobe. Though this only applies if you are not travelling over the winter months...!

8)      Dig out your winter accessories and let them air on the line outside before you wear them, so that they smell aired and fresh

9)      The same goes for your bedding; wash and pack away your summer sheets and duvets, visiting a dry cleaner if needed, and dig out your winter duvet, ensuring that you air it thoroughly before use

10)   Now as you are approaching baking season, ensure that your oven is ready for all those hearty autumnal pies and festive cakes.  While cleaning the oven can be a lengthy chore, it is ideal to keep your oven running smoothly

11)   Scrub, wipe clean and store your barbeque and outdoor furniture during the colder months, so that they last longer

12)   Expect to see muddy boots and wet shoes very soon so make sure you have a mop or scrubbing brush to keep your floors clean, you are going to need it right the way through to next summer

13)   And last but not least, pick your tool of choice – rake or broom, to sweep your driveway as the leaves begin to fall off the trees in their beautiful autumnal colours 

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