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Moisture Trap Refills

Has your Sorbo moisture absorber stopped working? It’s time to replace the granules in this simple to replace sachet.  The Sorbo moisture trap reduces mould, condensation and musty smells which can lead to dampness, stains, decaying wood and damage to walls and furniture.  The special granules in the sachet pull moisture from the air and deposit it below in the reservoir.  Perfect for use around the home, boat, caravan or shed.

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The Sorbo moisture trap brings the relatively high humidity back to a desired level between 40-55%, thus preventing condensation and its adverse effects such as dull odours, fungus, moisture spots, pests and wood rot. The Sorbo moisture trap works on the basis of granules that absorb moisture from the air. The combination of the design of the basket and the operation of the special round grains gives a 50% better effect than most other moisture traps. A Sorbo moisture trap (re) filling works 1-3 months in a space of approximately 40 m3 depending on the relative humidity. Suitable for use in house, closet, safe, car, boat, caravan and barn.


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Check 1x per month if the moisture trap needs to be emptied. As soon as there is no more moisture, the refill does not work anymore and needs to be replaced. Take the grain basket off the can before emptying it and empty the can into the sink. Rinse well! TIP: Spilled liquid may cause stains. When this happens, clean thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water, dab it thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with leather, metal and wood as these materials may be affected. / 

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