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Sorbo Smartbrush

Experience the difference. The 'Smartbrush'is in all respects a unique dishwashing brush.  

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Experience the difference The 'Smartbrush'is in all respects a unique dishwashing brush. Due to the ergonomic and soft touch handle, holding the brush feels good. The straight shape makes it easy to clean the glassware. Because of this typical shape, the dishwashing brush stays floating and does not sink to the bottom. The bulky brush head does not splash when used under running water. The perfectly positioned scraper on the head is suitable for loosening encrusted waste. The 'Smartbrush' is provided with the highest quality of fiber hair. The high quality polyamide fiber prevents splashing of water and the hair does not curl during dishwashing. This makes the 'Smartbrush' durable. The hairs are positioned so that little dirt will stay between them and the brush is easy to flush out. The brush has three different types of hair. The extra strong hairs central and on the head easily remove stubborn dirt. The strong hairs in the middle are ideal for the rest of the dishes. The outside of the brush is provided with soft hair, suitable for the delicate dishes.




Innner carton of 4, Outer carton of 12 


Anti slip 

Perfect shape for cleaning glassware 

Softer outer bristles for delicates and tougher internal bristles for stubborn dishes 


Innner carton of 4, Outer carton of 12 


Can be used multiple times. After use, rinse thoroughly and dry hanging. The dishwashing brush can be washed in the dishwasher at up to 90 degrees Celsius.

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