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Item Code: 10A02420

Tala Refillable Gas Utility Lighter

Trade Pack Sizes: Inner Carton = 12, Outer Carton = 72. Refillable. Lockable. Adjustable Flame. ISO 22702.
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The refillable gas lighter has a solid handle for a firm grip. The long nozzle makes it ideal for domestic use and is simple to use. It can be stored away for safe storage and should be kept away from children to prevent harm.

Refilling the Match Lighter: USE STANDARD BUTANE. 1. Hold the Match Lighter upside down and insert the nozzle of the gas canister into the filling valve. 2. Push down a few times to pump the gas into the lighter. Fill slowly and stop refilling once gas starts to overflow - do not overfill. 3. Wait at least 2 minutes after filling beore using the lighter. Adjusting the flame: To increase the flame length, turn the regulator manually towards the + sign. To decrease the flame length, turn the regulator towards the - sign. - WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use to light cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Containes pressurised flammable gas. Do not expose lighter to temperatures over 50C. Do not place in direct sunlight for long periods. When lighting, keep away from face and clothing. Do not puncture or throw into open flames. Check that the lighter is extinguished after use. Do not keep lighter lit for more than 10 seconds.

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