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Item Code: 10S00177

Five Microfibre Cloths Tropical Prints 40 x 40cm

The ideal microfibre cloth for all types of jobs around the home and garage such as washing up and cleaning and dusting all types of surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals or polishes.  The unique properties of microfibre attract moisture and oil to cut through and lift oils, grease, grime, dust and even bacteria.  The negatively charged fibres attract and hold dust and the tiny fibres penetrate the smallest of cracks and gaps. Leaves a completely streak free finish and is machine washable.  Now available in these fun tropical prints.

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Sorbo cleaning products provide sparkling cleaning solutions for the home, including innovative thoughtful products like the new click system cleaning range; avoid a utilty room disaster with this cleverly coordinating and space saving multi purpose range. Sorbo products brighten up the house,like the rainbow microfibre cloths or our trendy tropical range.The products are all excellent quality so you can fill your home with essential sensible cleaning cloths, or you could have some fun,whichever -switch to sorbo. For quality, inspired cleaning with a 50 year history of proven sales. 



Inner carton of 10 , Outer carton of 40 

40 x 40cm 



Inner carton of 10 , Outer carton of 40 

40 x 40cm 

Washing tip: Washable, but do not use fabric softener. Wash colored items always separate or with equal colors to avoid stains.

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