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Item Code: 10E02011

Chef Aid 75 Biodegradable Flexi Straws


Introducing our brand new 75 Biodegradable straws from the Chef Aid range. Natural and non-toxic, these straws will decompose within one year.  

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Our biodegradable straws are 100% compostable & eco-friendly and available in a fun, colourful mix, making them perfect for smoothies & soft drinks. These straws are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and perfect alternative to traditional plastic. Simply add to compost or food waste after usage where they will decompose within one year in humid temperatures.

Use straws within one year. 



Add to compost or food waste

• Natural and non-toxic

• Decomposes within one year



How long do the straws take to biodegrade- within one year. Just add to compost and in the humid temperatures the straws will biodegrade. 

Use within one year. 

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