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Item Code: 10A01742

Tala Cake Ruler

Trade Pack Sizes: Inner Carton = 6, Outer Carton = 144.
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An essential tool for creating straight and wavy patterns on cake sides and tops. Measurements from a central zero in inches and centimetres providing markings for precise cake decoration. Ruler length: 35cm/14 inches

Decorating cake tops. Using royal or butter icing recipe, spread the icing thickly and evenly over the cake top. With a hand at each end of the level, place it at the far edge of the cake with the straight edge against the icing. Draw it steadily towards you. The cake may need to be turned and action repeated for a really satisfactory result. If a straight ridged effect is required, draw the toothed edge towards you in the same way. For a wavy effect, whilst drawing the level towards you, move it from side to side. For a watermark effect, alternate the movement, drawing one hand towards you, then the other. Decorating cake sides. For best results place the cake on a Tala cake decorating turn-table. Coat the sides thickly and evenly. Follow the same principles as for the top, holding the level upright with the straight edge against the icing. Turn the cake steadily. For a straight ridge effect, employ the toothed edge in the same way. For wavy ridges, move the upright level evenly up and down as the cake is turned. You will be able to think of many ways of varying the patterns with this easy-to-use tool.

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