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Item Code: 10A09924

Tala Icing Bag Set With 8 Nozzles

Trade Pack Sizes: Inner Carton = 4, Outer Carton = 48.
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Stainless steel nozzles. For icing cakes and biscuits. Nozzle adaptor. 8 icing nozzles for a choice of patterns. Usage instructions on the back.


Instructions: 1. Unscrew adaptor. 2. Place selected nozzle onto the head of adaptor which is showing through the bag and re-screw back onto the adaptor body, making sure that it is fairly tight. 3. Half fill bag with icing.4. Twist the top of the bag to force the icing to the bottom, then fold over the top of the bag squeezing the bag gently until the icing is forced through the nozzle.5. It is recommended that to get the best results, the nozzle end be kept as close as possible to the surface that is being iced. This ensures that the design does not lose its intended shape.In the case of lettering it is recommended to lift the nozzle a little higher from the surface.6. Nozzles can be changed during an icing exercise simply by unscrewing the adaptor and replacing with another. Nozzle patterns and uses No 2 Writer, No 4 Writer, No 24 Star, No 30 Star, No 59 Ric Rac, No 67 Leaf, No 98 Border, No 104 Flower. - This set includes a 30cm/12


Useful Tips: How to Clean an Icing Bag

Remove the nozzle and coupler from the bag and squeeze out any leftover icing or whipped cream. Turn the bag inside out and wipe any remaining icing off, and then rinse with warm water. For any stubborn icing, scrub with a soapy sponge or cloth, and rinse again. Shake off excess water, and lay to dry flat on a dish towel. Ensure they have dried thoroughly before storing again. Piping bags will serve you for many icing sessions when cared for properly. 

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