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Item Code: 10A09934

Tala Icing Syringe Set With 6 Nozzles, Carded

Trade Pack Sizes: Sub Pack = 6, Inner Carton = 24, Outer Carton = 48. For decorating food and icing.Includes 6 different stainless steel nozzles for a variety of patterns.
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This set comprises an easy action icing syringe made from strong plastic, with a built in adaptor to allow easy changing of 6 nozzles, covering a wide range of pattern definitions.

Instructions: Remove the white screw at the end of the syringe. Place the selected nozzle over thr syringe head and screw back the white screw fairly tightly. 2. Remove top and plunger assemble and fill the barrel to roughly two-thirds of its capacity. Refit plunger holding slightly at an angle to let air escape, then re-screw top securely. 3. Hold body of syringe to keep the nozzle head as close as possible to the surface being ice, except when lettering, where it is best to lift the nozzle from the surface. 5. All nozzles can be interchanged whilst decorating.

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