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Item Code: 10B19514

Tala Originals 1950s Style Icing Syringe Set in Tin with 6 Nozzles

Trade Pack Sizes: Inner Carton = 6, Outer Carton = 24. Tala Icing Syringe Set contains original Tala icing syringe and 'How to decorate a cake.' Ice your own cakes and biscuits!
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The Icing Set

The Tala Icing Syringe Set includes a syringe, a selection of six nozzles to create different decorative designs, and 'How to Decorate a Cake' booklet; a step-by-step beginners guide to icing cakes and biscuits. The nozzles included in this set are No.2 Writer, No.5 Rope, No.8 Star, No.12 Shell, No.22 Border, No.36 Flower.

Quality Products

Using Tala decorating equipment, you will quickly find out how easy it is to work with and how much you are helped by it at every stage. Your Tala icing syringe is strong and light, made from tinplate, stainless steel and plastic. It comfortably fits the hand with finger and thumb loops for a firm grip when icing. The syringe lid is held securely in place with a safety bayonet catch. Inside the barrel a snuggly fitting plunger and self-adjusting washer control the flow of the icing. The nozzles which screw to the end of the syringe can be changed easily and quickly, even during icing.

Made in Britain

Our Tala icing syringes have been manufactured in England using the same machinery since the 1920s. An antique Tala nozzle still fits one of our syringes today as none of the production processes have changed. Every icing syringe involves 33 hand processes and are made by one of a small team of skilled people.


See our icing syringes and nozzles being made here in Liverpool England:

You can also watch a delightful icing demonstration using our syringe here:

[Icing demonstration video courtesy of our Russian Stockist Tabris]

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