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Item Code: 10A09672

Tala Icing Pen

Trade Pack Sizes: Outer Carton = 12. Icing syringe with fine nozzle. Ideal for fine lettering. Made in England
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Does cake decorating take pride of place amongst your hobbies? Writing names and greetings may be one of the first things you will want to do and using a Tala icing pen will make your job very easy. The slender syringe has been carefully proportioned to fit your hand. It is ideal for writing, trellis and decorative colour work, such as adding finishing touches to flowers. Your Tala icing pen comes fitted with a No. 2 icing nozzle, but this can be interchanged with any Tala threaded nozzle. Tala icing pens have been manufactured in England since the 1950s. The distinctive pastel pink colour is both nostalgic and synonymous with the craft of icing. Every pen involves 15 manufacturing processes and every nozzle an additional 13 hand processes. An antique Tala nozzle still fits one of our icing pens today as none of the production processes have changed. Most importantly, your Tala icing pen has been assembled by one of a small team of skilled people; by Debbie, Teresa, Martin or one of his team. Personalise your cakes and biscuits with a handwritten iced message - Your Tala icing pen has been manufactured in England since the 1960s. It is assembled by a small team of skilled people. The design remains unchanged since the icing pen was first introduced. With a fine writer nozzle it is ideal for lettering.


Instructions for use: 1. Carefully remove product from packaging. before firstuse and after every use, thoroughly was product in hot soapy water, rinse and leave to dry naturally.The nozzles need to be dried immediatly after being washed to prevent rust. 2. To fill, unscrew the plunger and remove. fill the syringe with icing using two tea spoons, insert plunger carefully and screw back in position. 3. Gently push down on the plunger until icing is forced through the nozzle. 4. place thumb through plunger and exert continous pressue for an even flow of icing whilst guiding the syringe with other hand. it is advisable to practise first. 5. The Tala icing pen is supplied with a No.2. icing nozzle. other sizes and shapes are available in the Tala 1701 range.

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