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Item Code: 10B01560

Indigo and Ivory Cooks dry measure

Introducing our Iconic Dry Cook’s Measure,now available in a beautiful Indigo and Ivory classic design.

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Our Iconic Dry Cook’s Measure is now available in a beautiful Indigo and Ivory classic design. Beautifully hand made in Liverpool, England, on the same machinery that has been used since the 1920s, the design and production methods remain largely unchanged, involving over 20 hand processes. Most importantly, the Dry Cook’s Measure is made by one of a small group of highly skilled people, making it unsurprising that this is one of our best-loved products, used by bakers and cooks across the world.


The internal design of the Indigo and Ivory Dry Cook's Measure features matching colours to the exterior measures in ounces, grams, American and English cups and pints, with the extra ingredients of cous cous , bulgar wheat and Arborio rice. Simply pour the ingredients up to the desired level. The Dry Cook's Measure is also calibrated in both metric and imperial, so it is easy to follow favourite old cookery books as well as recipes passed down from mother or grandmother. 



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