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Item Code: 10D01806

Tala International Cuisine Authentic Moroccan Measure Blue

Trade Pack Sizes: Inner Carton = 6, Outer Carton = 36.

For tagines and classic North African dishes. This colourful Moroccan Measure measures all your ingredients for you. From vegetable couscous to preserved lemons, this measure is the perfect measuring utensil for delicious meals.

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For tagines and classic North African dishes. The Tala Moroccan Measure cooks Lamb tagine with prunes and almonds, Fish tagine with olives, Lamb and vegetable cous cous, Lamb Kofta, Chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemons. Moroccan food is classic yet refined, drawing on Berber, Moorish and Arab influences. With its use of preserved lemons, dates and spices Moroccan food is exotic and fresh tasting, Chermoula is the staple Moroccan marinade, used for meat, fish or poultry, In this measure we have included some classic dishes using Chermoula. Simply choose the recipe from inside the measure recipe booklet, fill the ingredients to the required level, shake lightly to level out and add to the pan.


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