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Item Code: 10D01589

Tala International Cuisine Thali Cooks Measure In A Tin Tumeric, Orange

Trade Pack Sizes: Inner Carton = 6, Outer Carton = 36. A proper indian curry made in England. Tala Thali measure cooks chapatti, biryani, aloo gobi, pakora, butter chicken, jalfrezi, dahl, murgh meti, raita, rice. Thali means a selection of tastes in one meal; once you have mastered the tadka base you have opened the door to a world of easy to make traditional Indian curries. Simply choose a recipe inside the measure. Fill the ingredients to the required level. Shake lightly to level out. Add to the pan.
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Includes a decorative tin box, recipe book and a curry measure. With the help of your Tala Thali measure and a little practice you will be able to recreate an India banquet in your home. This book and measure is dedicated to you, the beginner, and you the experienced. It is planned to guide your first steps and show you the way from simple to more complicated recipes, but also encourage those who have mastered fundamental Indian cookery to use their own inventive skill and imagination. Use your Thali measure to create the base to your Indian dishes. Once you have mastered this essential component, you will instinctively be able to adapt recipes to suit your palate. Just remember to always measure to the line beneath the ingredients you need. This Thali measure has been designed by Jasleen Kaur, an enthusiastic cook and aspiring young designer who is absolutely passionate about Indian cooking. Having used the cook┬Ęs measure for some years, Jasleen wished to create a version suited to Indian cuisine, and has produced this measure based on well tried family recipes to enable you to create the same. We thought this was such a wonderful idea we simply had to manufacture this. The Indian dishes on the inside of the measure constitute the only change to the 1920s iconic Tala cook's measure since the addition of metric measurements. We hope you will find this vibrant, ingenious version of the measure as essential as you do the original Tala measure.

Do not put your cooks measure in a dishwasher. Simply wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Remember your cook's measure is made from tin plate; if you leave it wet, it is liable to rust. Treat your measure well and it will serve you for many years to come.

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