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Item Code: 10A06800

Tala Cook's Blow Torch

Trade Pack Sizes: Inner Carton = 10, Outer Carton = 20. • Ideal for creme brulees, caramelised sugar, skinned peppers and lemon meringue pies. • Temperature: 1300C / 2450F. • Burning time: 45 - 60 mins. • Volume: 22ml Butane. • Use only purified clean Butane gas. • Requires filling with universal gas lighter fluid. • This product is supplied without gas.
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IGNITION AND EXTINGUISHING • Continuous on/off switch: Release the safety lock by turning the trigger to ON position • Rotate the air adjustment ring to align the two holes on top of the torch • Press the trigger to ignite the torch for a constant flame; before releasing the trigger, move the continuous on /off switch to the left • To turn the torch off, move the continuous/off switch to the right FLAME ADJUSTMENT • Turn the gas control wheel towards + position to increase the flame strength • Turn the gas control wheel towards - position to decrease the flame strength • Rotate the air adjustment ring to change the flame intensity REFILLING THE GAS TANK • Make sure the flame is fully extinguished. • Refill in a well ventilated area, away from any open flame or smoking. • Wait until the Blow Torch has completely cooled before filling the cylinder. • Hold the Blow Torch upside down and insert the nozzle of the butane canister into the Gas Refilling Valve. • Fill slowly and stop refilling once gas starts to overflow. • Wait at least 3 minutes before using to allow the gas to stabilise and the excess surface gas to vaporise.


Packaging: double Blister carded

• KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN • EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE • Do not puncture or incinerate • Assembly and adjustment made in the factory should not be modified • It can be dangerous to try to dismantle the Blow Torch • Do not drop the Blow Torch as the unit might be damaged and the ceramic nozzle could be broken • Do not attempt to repair or use the Blow Torch should there be any signs of damage • Never store at a temperature above 50C/120F or expose to prolonged sunlight; store in a cool, dry, dark place • Follow refilling procedure to avoid serious accident • Ignite away from face and clothing • Please note that butane flame may be barely visible in certain lighting conditions • Allow the Blow Torch to cool down before storing • Ensure flame is extinguished after each use

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