Classic Victoria Sponge Recipe

Dear Tala Friends,

The bank holiday is upon us and there is nothing like a good Victoria sponge to entertain friends or to get family around the dinner table. Whether sprinkled with sugar for a simple teatime treat or tiered and bedecked with fresh fruit and flowers, the humble sponge cake never fails to delight. For the full recipe please click here


Ms Taylor

The Recipe

For the full recipe, please click here

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Tala, originating from Taylor and Law, has been associated with baking and icing for over 100 years - since 1899.
We still proudly own catalogues ranging from the 1920's up untill today, containing products which are still made in the same way; lovely, English manufacturing.

Traditional methods are used to manufacture most of our products. This involves production by hand, by a small team of skilled people behind the high quality of each product.
A priority of Tala has always been to create products that are built to last. Take an icing nozzle manufactured in the 1920's, and it will still fit an icing syringe made today. So we couldn't be more honest when we say you are using products that your mothers and grandmothers have always used.

Tala's 1950s Lemon Cookie Recipe

Dear Tala Friends,
We have received a request for the Tala lemon cookie recipe from the 1950s. The gentleman was recently reminiscing with family about the lemon cookies his mother would bake for them and had done so for decades. However, the recipe was lost in unfortunate circumstance before the great grandchildren where able to try these delightful treats. We agreed this original 1950s Tala recipe is fantastic and believed all Tala friends would like to try!
Ms Taylor

The Recipe

Lemon Cookies
Butter or Shortening 4 and half ozs or half cup
Sugar 3ozs or 1/3 cup
Egg Yolk 2-3
Flour 7 ozs or 1 and half cups
Lemon Rind grated ½ teaspoon
Salt ¼ teaspoon

Cream butter and sugar, add eggs one by one and go on beating, then add lemon and the sifted flour and salt. Knead quickly into a soft and evenly coloured dough, cover and allow to stand in a cool place for several hours. Roll out 1/6 inch thick, cut into shapes with the cookie cutters and bake in a medium oven until lightly browned. To finish glaze with white or coloured icing and decorate with the help of a Tala icing set.

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