Diwali Pistachio and Cardamom Cake

Diwali Pistachio and Cardamom Cake

150g pistachios350g plain flour2.5 tsp baking powder2-3 tsp cardamom powder1/4 tsp nutmeg135g unsalted butter190g caster sugar1.5 tsp vanilla285g greek yogurt150ml whole milk
FOR THE ICING AND DECORATION:200g unsalted butter200g icing sugar430g full fat cream cheese2 tsp vanilla
Extra chopped pistachios, Gulab Jamun slices and dried rose petals to decorate
METHOD1.Finely chop or blitz pistachios. Sift together with flour, baking powder and spices, then whisk to combine.2.Separately, beat butter and sugar until fluffy. Add yogurt and vanilla and mix.3.Alternating between the dry ingredients and milk, fold the ingredients into the yogurt mixture until just combined.4.Divide between two 18cm/7” tins and bake 35-40 minutes.
5.Cool completely.6.Make the icing by beating the butter till fluffy, then add icing sugar and vanilla and beat again.
7.Add cream cheese and beat to combine.Use some icing to sandwich the cakes together, adding an extra sprinkling of chopped pistachios if you wish.
8.Cover the top and sides with the remaining icing, and decorate as I have or smooth out if you wish.
9.Sprinkle the top with extra chopped pistachios, fan out slices of Gulab Jamun on top and scatter with dried rose petals to finish.

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