Greece - Spicy Lamb and Feta Skewers

Greece - Spicy Lamb and Feta Skewers


· 300g brown basmati rice

· 500g lamb mince

· 1tbsp harissa

· 50g feta cheese

· 1 large red onion, ½ thinly sliced ½ grated

· Large handful parsley, roughly chopped

· Large handful mint, roughly chopped

· 85g pitted black kalamata olive, quartered

· 1 cucumber, diced

· 300g cherry tomato, halved

· 1 tbsp olive oil

· Juice 1 lemon



 Tala Mixing Bowl 

Garlic Press with Herb Stripper 

Tala Bamboo Skewers 

Tala Tongs 

Tala Performance Baking Sheet 



1.Soak 12 wooden skewers in water, for at least 30 mins, and preheat the grill.

2. In a mixing bowl, mix the mince with harissa, feta, grated onion and seasoning.

3.Form into 12 sausage shapes and thread onto skewers.

4.Lay on a Tala Performance baking tray and grill for 6-8 mins, turning until cooked through and slightly browned.

5.Serve with fresh salad and flatbreads, enjoy!


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