Mini Christmas Puddings

Mini Christmas Puddings

Mini Christmas Puddings - Rum, Ginger and Pineapple, Chocolate Orange and Espresso Martini.


The beauty of making these so far in advance is that the flavours get better over time as the ingredients mature and it saves you a lot of time rushing around closer to the big day.

But perhaps what’s even more special about this tradition is the wish that’s made as the ingredients are stirred together.

This year we've decided to make Mini Christmas Pudding, individually personalised for our fussier family members, who aren’t so sure about the taste of traditional puddings. We hope to win them round with their favourite flavours; Rum, Ginger and Pineapple, Chocolate Orange and Espresso Martini.


Wooden spoon

Mixing bowl

Pudding basins

Roasting tray

Baking paper 


60g self-raising flour

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp all spice and cinnamon

150g mixed raisins, currants, cranberries

225g light muscovado sugar

Zest of half orange

1 egg

55ml stout

25g treacle


For Rum and Pineapple

1 tbsp dried pineapple

1 shot spiced rum

1 tsp ginger


For the Chocolate Orange

1 tbsp candied orange peel

1 shot Cointreau

1 tbsp cocoa powder


For the Espresso Martini

1 tbsp chopped dates

1 shot Tia Maria

1 tsp coffee powder



  1. Preheat oven to 140C and grease pudding tins. Mix all the base ingredients together, stirring well until all combined.
  2. Split the mixture between three bowls then add the personalised ingredients to each bowl mixing them well. (don’t forget that wish)
  3. Spoon the mixture into the prepared pudding tins then top with a circle of baking paper and a square of tin foil wrapped over to seal.
  4. Put the pudding tins into a roasting tin and place in the oven. Pour boiling water into the roasting tin until it fills about half-way and bake the puddings for 1 hour.
  5. Allow to cool completely before removing from the tins.
  6. These can be stored for up to 5 weeks wrapped in an air-tight container in a dark, cool place.

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