Strawberry No Churn Ice Cream

Strawberry No Churn Ice Cream

Preparation time 5 mins

Setting time 4 hours

Serves 6-8


 Tala Indigo and Ivory Roaster 

Tala Ice Cream Scoop 

Tala Yellow Stoneware Mixing Bowl 


400g fresh strawberries 

350ml condensed milk

400ml double cream

Few drops strawberry extract, optional 



  1. Wash, chop and blend the strawberries.
  2. Add the cream, condensed milk and strawberry extract to a large mixing bowl and whisk everything together with the help of a hand mixer. 
  3. Gently fold in the blended strawberries and mix until well combined. 
  4. Transfer the mixture to a freezer safe container and freeze. Make sure to stir the mixture every 30 mins to break the crystals that will form.

Do this for about 4 hours.

  1. Serve and enjoy!


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