Biscoff Cheesecake Popsicles

Biscoff Cheesecake Popsicles

Delicious frozen dinner party dessert? Or decadent pick-me-up in the garden on a hot Summer day? You decide! These gorgeously indulgent cheesecake popsicles are a life-saver in the hot weather and take minutes to throw together. The only catch’ is that you need to remember to prepare them the day before to give them enough time to freeze (making you free the next day to enjoy the warm weather!).



220g full fat cream cheese

2 tbs condensed milk

2 tbs Biscoff spread

3 Lotus biscuits (or Speculoos biscuits)




Small mixing bowl

Small silicone-headed spatula

Tala 6 umbrella Lolly Moulds

Pestle and mortar

Small bowl

Table knife/mini palette knife




  1. Place the cream cheese, condensed milk and Biscoff spread in the small mixing bowl and cream together with the silicone headed spatula until the mixture is smooth, silky and uniformly pale coffee colour.
  2. Remove the moulds from the frame and distribute the mixture equally between them, trying to avoid creating air pockets as much as possible. I use the table knife to poke the mixture right to the bottom of each mould.
  3. Grind the three biscuits to crumbs with the pestle and mortar. Then sprinkle the crumbs over all six of the filled lolly moulds and press down as much as possible with your fingers.
  4. Put the moulds inside the 6-hole frame and then press the tops of the moulds into place so that the sticks poke right down into the popsicle. Freeze overnight until solid.
  5. Remove each popsicle from its mould (briefly dunk each mould in a mug of hot water to help ease it out if you need to) and enjoy right away!




For marbled popsicles, leave the Biscoff spread out of the mixture and when filling the moulds, dab blobs of spread in to the moulds now and then.


Experiment with other spreads and fruit conserves instead of Biscoff. Ideas might include: Nutella, caramel sauce, black cherry compote. Let us know what you experiment with!


Crush biscuits, cookies and sweet treats (such as meringues, brownies, more Lotus biscuits…) and swirl into the cheesecake mix before freezing.


‘Up’ the Biscoff ‘hit’ by adding more spread to taste.

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