Classic Pancake Day Pancakes

Classic Pancake Day Pancakes

Classic Pancake Day Pancakes

These classic thin, flat and quintessentially British pancakes are a classic pancake day treat. But don't keep them just for Shrove Tuesday - enjoy filled with gruyere, ham and spinach and top with béchamel sauce for a decadent morning brunch.



150g plain flour
pinch salt
3 free-range eggs (any size)
300ml milk (semi-skimmed or full fat)


Large mixing bowl
Measuring jug
Large frying pan
Slotted turner
Pastry brush
Greaseproof paper

Makes 5 large pancakes



1. Measure out the flour and place it in the mixing bowl. Add the salt and whisk briefly, making a well in the center.


2. Crack the eggs into the well and whisk again, slowly adding milk until the mixture is thin and smooth. Leave the mix to stand while you prepare the pan.


3. Place the pan over a low flame and allow it to heat up. Add a small knob of butter, allow it to melt and quickly brush over the surface.


4. Add a ladleful of mix to the hot buttered pan, swirl to distribute it evenly and cook until golden and mottled – about a minute on each side should do it. Flip flamboyantly if you are feeling confident (if not, turn gingerly with a slotted turner – either way gets the same result!)


5. Transfer the pancake onto greaseproof paper. Add more butter to the pan and repeat. Stack your pancakes with a layer of greaseproof paper between each one and serve with wedges of lemon, sugar, jam, fruit, golden syrup, chocolate spread and anything else your heart desires.

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